How to find a mentor

Finding a mentor is not easy and it can be scary to put yourself out there and ask.  

Identify why you want a mentor.  What conversations do you plan to have with them and what purpose you would like them to serve?

Identify who would be a good fit.  What type of person are you looking for? What is their professional role?  What type of organization do they work for or are they an entrepreneur?

Ask for a connection.  People are more likely to respond if they are being introduced by someone else. Think about your supervisor, social network and even your Linkedin connections and then ask them to introduce you for a 15-minute conversation.

Stick with 15-minutes.  Don’t go straight from not knowing someone and ask for full out mentorship.  15-minutes is enough time to ask questions and doesn’t overwhelm the other person in terms of time.

Alissa Carpenter

Professional Trainer, Speaker and Career Coach at Everything's Not OK and That's OK
Alissa Carpenter offers professional development and career exploration to companies, alumni groups, student advising units, and individuals across the country. She works to enhance team communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills with an upbeat personality and true passion for working with others to set and achieve goals.Alissa has an MEd in Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, is a Gallup-Certified Clifton Strengths Coach and is certified in the Strong Interest inventory.
Alissa Carpenter

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