One-on-One Coaching

Career Development and Personal Growth

Are you ready to embrace that everything’s not OK and that’s OK? You’ll be amazed by how empowering it is to explore your career and/or your personal life. I know you can create a sense of purpose and set priorities, because I went through the same thing. And together we’re going to make a plan! I work with my clients one-on-one to help with career discovery, professional development, personal growth, transitioning into the workplace, and more! People come to me because they:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the job search process
  • Worried about an upcoming interview
  • Nervous about negotiating a salary or looking for a raise in their current job
  • Have a few job offers on the table and unsure which one to choose
  • Started a new job and want to make a good impression
  • Feel stuck, bored, or exhausted in their current job and want to make a change
  • Feel lost, hopeless and not confident in their professional self
  • Struggle to find a project or interest area that excites them
  • And many other reasons.

Whatever the reason, I want to help!

Together, we’ll create a plan of action to give you a sense of purpose. This plan could include:

  • Establishing your personal and professional priorities
  • Creating your personal brand and updating your resume and cover letter
  • Learning crucial interviewing techniques that play off of your unique strengths
  • Gaining the confidence to ask for what you’re worth in a salary negotiation
  • Establishing what occupations and industries align with your interests
  • Learning essential skills to be successful through a job transition
  • Setting clear, attainable and realistic goals that can be accomplished through your strengths
  • Completing the Strong Interest Inventory, StrengthsFinder, and/or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator based on your professional goals

Sign up for a free consultation to get started. If you’re still unsure if one-on-one coaching is right for you, that’s ok! You can sign up for my free six-day email course, Am I In the Right Job?

With me as your coach, we will start with a FREE consultation to DISCOVER your goals and challenges.

Alissa was an asset in brainstorming how to use both the strengths and my yet-to-be-developed characteristics in my daily life. She took the time to get to know me and understand what my true values and purpose in life which allowed her to help guide me in the right direction in my personal, academic, and professional lives. She set me up well to enter into interviews confidently and prepared. 


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Millennial Expert I Training I Consultant I Leadership Development

I work directly with organizations and their leaders to bridge communication barriers between teams, generations, geography, and job functions; providing my clients with a strategic communication plan.  I use my certifications (StrengthsFinder, MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory) across industries including: broadcasting, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, education and government.

I have had the opportunity to work with non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and get to the bottom of pain points with employees (entry level to senior executives).  I do this by providing a space for them to come together and learn from one another. It’s during these training sessions and speaking engagements that I continue to bring to light that employees of all levels and backgrounds are looking to do good work, develop within their roles, and enhance the organization’s mission. I provide strategies to communicate their needs, wants, and expectations in ways that each individual can understand and implement.

My expertise has been featured in media outlets such as ForbesCNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, Moneyish and more.  I come to every training and speaking engagement with an upbeat personality and true passion for wanting the audience and their organizations to get to the next level.  But don’t take it from me, my clients experiences of our work together, truly says it all.