Guest Post: Not OK That’s OK Moments



We would love to hear it!  I truly believe that we can learn from each

others’ experiences and as a part of this community- we want to hear from


  • Have you overcome or are working through a failure?
  • Have you taken a job you didn’t love just for the money?
  • Are you or were you confused about your “what’s next?”
  • Debating whether or not to go to graduate school?
  • Going through or had a quarter life crisis?
  • Thinking about leaving your job but don’t know when or how?
  • Did something personally you wanted to try but were afraid to do before?
  • Left your job to make less money to pursue something you love?
  • Found a mentor in an unusual way?
  • Lost control of your personal life?
  • In a position you thought you would like but turned out to be completely different?
  • Took time to travel to find yourself.


We’re looking for REAL stories from REAL people about overcoming and

working through “NOT OK” moments.

It’s not about finding perfection in these times, we want to hear the:

  • Gritty details about your experience (look and felt like)
  • What you learned or are learning about yourself
  • What steps you made or what you’re planning to make because of this experience
  • Why it was OK that this wasn’t OK and how you grew as a result






  • Pitch your experience to me, Alissa, by emailing:
  • 500-1500 words
  • Short bio (4 sentences or less)
  • Head shot
  • Up to 3 photos to help tell your story

After emailing, I will get back to you within one week if your story is accepted for our new “Not OK Moments” series.

From there I will ask for any additional information and give you a post date.


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