Benefits To Engagement Training Opportunities (B2E)

In 2016, only 32.6% of employees considered themselves “engaged” in their work.  This lack of engagement costs US companies $30.5 billion annually in lost productivity.

What are you doing to ensure that your company doesn’t fall into the trap of disengagement?  One key way to combat potential turnover and increase productivity is through professional development. The majority (87%) of employees say that professional development is “very important” to them and engaged Millennials are 64% less likely to switch jobs.

NOTO is here to help you retain, educate and empower your employees.  We provide personalized professional development training to ensure your company is meeting your employees where they are to increase profitability and productivity in your organization.  Your customized training can be delivered as:

  • One-Hour Lunch and Learn (virtual or in person) 
  • Half Day (Three Hours)
  • Full Day (Six Hours)


Topic 1: The Changing Workforce- A Focus on the Millennial Mindset 

Millennials make up more than a third of the workplace, making them the largest generation in the US workforce, and arguable one of the most difficult to work with.  The words “lazy” and “entitled” are often used to describe this demographic leading companies stumped on how to navigate the new culture. Taking a dive into the millennials mindset we will answer those hard hitting questions on how to effectively attract, retain, and communicate as a multi-generation workforce.

Topic 2: Fully Charged: Improving Energy and Wellbeing

Finding your passions and interest to uncover our purpose is not something we typically do.  Days, weeks, months and years go by without taking the opportunity to reflect on our interests and values. This can leave us burnt out, stressed, and always looking for the next “best” thing.  During this session, we will be answering four hard hitting questions to uncover and create your personal mission statement.  Upon completion, you will have a clear sense of your direction leading to smoother decision making and career direction.

Topic 3: What’s Your Game Plan?  A Guide to Productive Goal Setting

Creating goals is the easy part but actually following through and achieving them is something very different.  The first step to accomplishing any goal is to write it down and in this workshop we will be doing just that.  Starting with setting SMART goals, learning the top nine mistakes people make when trying to accomplish their goals, and moving on to an easy five step method to accomplish anything you set out for yourself.  

Topic 4: Discover Your Strengths

According to Gallup, when we use our strengths we are six times more likely to be engaged at work and three times more likely to live a better quality of life.  Knowing what we are good at and using it to our advantage everyday can save us time, money, improve our performance at work and interactions with others.  This session is all about how we can use our strengths and take them to the next level to enhance our professional life.

  • Webinar:
    • Up to 20 people: $300
    • 21 or more $500
  • In person:
    • Up to 20 people: $500
    • 21 or more $650

Have another topic in mind? Let us know and fill out the form below! We are always adding new topics and will customize a program to meet your company’s needs.


How Our Training Works

Using a simple, three-step process, our certified coaches lead individuals and teams through the StrengthsFinder online assessment, provide an individually customized strengths profile, and begin work on strategies to leverage their strengths.

  • Step 1: Assessment. An online assessment is completed by each training attendee before meeting with the coach.
  • Step 2: Exploration. Using their unique strength profiles, attendees brainstorm where they see themselves and their teams within the organization.
  • Step 3: Action Plan. Working individually or in teams, attendees identify realistic ways in which to put their strengths into action for the organization.

Team Training Package

A three-hour in-person or virtual training with a certified StrengthsFinder coach for up to 25 employees. Package includes:

  • A unique access code to the StrengthsFinder assessment and the StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-book with personal development tools
  • Overview of StrengthsFinder talents and strengths
  • Interactive group session that focuses on creating partnerships, commitments, and action plans

Cost: $2,500* (plus $15 per employee for assessment fee)

Team Training + Individual Coaching Package

This package includes everything in the Team Training Package and one-hour one-on-one professional coaching session—virtual or in person—for each trainee.  This package provides a discounted rate on our individual coaching session rates.


  • Up to 15 employees: $4,000* (plus $15 per employee for assessment fee)
  • 16-25 employees: $5,500* (plus $15 per employee for assessment fee)
  • 26 or more employees: please contact us for a quote

Team Training Follow Up & Refresher

This session includes:

  • 30-minute call with manager prior to meeting to discuss current state of the group
  • Review and regroup of strengths-based action items discussed during training
  • Troubleshoot current issues and challenges
  • Additional action items for future team meetings and projects
  • Discuss updated suggestions based on results of first visit

Cost: $750*

* Plus the cost of travel, where applicable.

Interested in our trainings? Great, we would love to hear from you!  Just fill out the form below, email Alissa (at) or call 267.469.0164.

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