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There’s always something new to learn, so here are some free (and fun!) resources to help you in self-discovery and in your career. Don’t forget to join the social conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

  • Discovery Resources: A free subscription with access to career development and assessment resources.
  • Career Superpower Quiz: A fun quiz to help identify your unique strengths.
  • Job Search: Powered by ZipRecruiter, you can search thousands of jobs to find something that matches your passion and interests.

Check back often for new resources! Or you can contact me for a free one-on-one initial consultation.

Recent Blog Posts

Tricks for Navigating the New Economy as a Millennial

Today on Millennial Playbook Podcast, we are joined by Brett Pucino who talks to us about the new versus old economy.  He breaks down how millennials can make a difference in the workforce beyond the “gold watch” era by using the 4 principals of marketing...
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5 Tips To Building Authentic Relationships as a Millennial

On this episode of Millennial Playbook Podcast, we are joined by Jake Kelfer. He is a millennial entrepreneur and author of Elevate Beyond.  Jake helps people achieve their success through writing, and public/motivational speaking.  Motivational speaking has always...
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Tips For Millennials To Get More Flexibility At Work

Today on Millennial Playbook Podcast, we are joined by work/life balance expert and author of Mompowerment, Suzanne Brown.  Suzanne is a part-time strategic marketing and business consultant with two young boys.  She worked in the corporate world for 12 years before...
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Millennial Playbook Podcast: How to Achieve Work/Life Balance as a Millennial

Today on Millennial Playbook Podcast we are joined by millennial blogger, Nicole Booz. She is the Editor and Chief at GenTwenty, 20 something guide to life . You can download this episode from Stitcher or iTunes or listen below to hear all of Nicole’s advice....
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5 Financial Goals For The New Year

The new year is quickly approaching and creating practical financial goals is a must.  Every year, I take time to reflect on what went well the previous year, what I can improve and what I would like to accomplish that might be a little out of my comfort zone.  One...
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