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Team Building / Employee Engagement / Millennial and Gen Z Retention Programs

There’s not a magic pill or button to increase employee engagement and communication. But there are strategies and opportunities.  And finding the unique strategy to meet your organization’s needs is not something you should have to do on your own. Finding the right partner to help transform your workplace, increase collaboration, and enhance your company culture is crucial.

As a consultant and learning specialist, we collaborate with organizations by:

  • Facilitating on-going learning programs
  • Serving as an advisor to ensure that employee engagement is being monitored, proactively addressed, and part of your organization’s KPIs
  • Developing customized learning to meet the unique needs of your organization and employees
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current initiatives and conducting a real time analysis on the current state of your organization’s engagement

Our programs and services aim to:

  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration in multi-generational workforces
  • Increase workplace communication
  • Create efficient and productive teams
  • Support diversity and inclusion

Each training comes with a monthly support program.  These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis, follow up reporting, and recommendations for the current state of your organization’s engagement
  • Phone, email, and video support for two designated contacts in your organization
  • Creation and facilitation of additional learning and development programming
  • Monthly exclusive newsletter and online video library

Most Popular Progams



This is the first time in history where we will have five generations in the workforce.  Retaining, training, and spotting talent is not easy and communicating across generations can be difficult.  This interactive training will bring to light organizational challenges and opportunities to create a stronger and more cohesive generationally diverse workforce.


  • Common drivers within each of the generations in the workforce
  • How to move differences into opportunities
  • Communication strategies to reach all generations
  • What employees across generations look for in a work environment and supervisor



Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history followed by millennials.  This shift in demographics has created a much-needed space for us to take a step back and identify how our words and actions impact those around us.  The big question is: how do we achieve an authentic understanding and appreciation of one another with so many different people in the mix?  It begins with communicating across our differences and with candor. It is essential to understand not only who these generations and the ones that come before them are, but what common phrases we might be saying that could be offensive.  The key is to find alternative language to engage in open conversation.


  • Becoming more conscious of diversity (sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, generation, geography)
  • Common values of five generations in the workforce
  • “Hot button” phrases to avoid and alternative phrases to explore
  • Communication strategies and best practices to engage in with people different from yourself



According to Gallup, when we use our strengths we are six times more likely to be engaged at work and three times more likely to live a better quality of life.  Knowing what we are good at and using it to our advantage everyday can save us time, money, improve our performance at work and interactions with others.  This session is all about how we can use our strengths and take them to the next level to enhance our professional life and create a more effective team.


  • Individual talents and strengths based on assessment results
  • How to move talents into strengths and create strategic partnerships
  • Overcoming weaknesses by focusing on strengths
  • Team dynamics based on overall team assessment results
  • Four domains of team strength
  • Productively working together as a team
  • Creating a personal and group advertisement to understand the overall mission of the individuals and team


Finding ways to effectively bring value to your organization is not always easy, especially when you’re newer in the field or to the industry.  It is difficult to navigate the communication pipeline, company culture, and people dynamics while meeting and exceeding the expectations of your boss.  In this session, we’ll discuss key questions to address with your supervisor, how to set up performance goals and hold yourself accountable, and how to make your boss positively notice your impact.


  • Asking for feedback and creating your own performance review
  • Embracing vulnerability while accepting responsibility
  • Why making your boss look good is the key to providing value

To discuss your goals and find a program that fits your needs, schedule a call using the link below or email us directly.