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I LOVE birthdays!  I love celebrating other people’s special day and have been known to balloon and streamer bomb an office or two in my day.  What makes birthdays so special is getting the chance to let someone know how much you mean to them no matter how far away they might be.  I used to spend forever in the store trying to find the perfect card that matched their personality, our relationship, and wasn’t a million dollars.  I mean who has time and money for that!?!  Paperless Post has for real changed the birthday e-card game!  They have made it so easy to not only find that perfect match but to get it to your friends right away electronically.  With just a few simple steps, you’re good to go!

Choose your card.

Paperless Post offers so many options to choose from and has an awesome filter to make it easy as pie!  You can pick the shape, size, color, and even how many photos you want. 

Name your price.

Unlike sending paper cards where you need to pay for postage, Paperless Post not only saves you the stamp but they offer cards in a variety of price points, starting at FREE and let me tell ya, the free ones are beautiful.  If you’re looking for something a bit fancier they offer designer cards from Kate Spade, Rifle Paper, Oscar de la Renta and more.  


Feeling super creative? Awesome! Paperless Post has got your back.  Certain pieces of the cards are customizable with anything from the text, font, size, envelope, and color.   If you’re looking for something a little more basic they have text already there and all you need to do is change the names.  You make the card how you want it every time!

Grab the address.

While friends and family might move more often than you can keep track of, email addresses tend to be a little more stable.  Paperless Post lets you IMPORT your contacts! No more searching all over the place… it’s all in one spot!  How simple is that?!?


Before sending the card, you can see exactly what your friend will get! Just to double check those spelling mistakes or add in an extra note you might have missed.


Life gets busy and things get in the way and I’ve been known to miss a birthday or two.  Paperless Post has a scheduling feature and allows you to choose the date and time for your card to be sent out.  It’s AMAZING!  I spend one hour and create all the cards for a few months and schedule them to be sent on my friend’s special day!  If you’re on top of it, you can just send it right away and you’re friend will immediately get it in their box.

Check the response. 

Unlike snail mail, you never know if your pal read your card… womp womp! Paperless Post sends an email not only when they send it out but when your friend opens it.

Seriously, Paperless Post is AMAZING!  I’ve gotten so many compliments from the birthday cards I’ve sent out and love that you can personalize them from top to bottom.  I never feel like I’m skimping or compromising by sending a virtual card instead of paper because the designs are incredible and I can even add a virtual envelope

It gets even better.. when you sign up for a new account they automatically give you 25 coins for free.  This gives you the chance to send a few fancy cards to your best friends. 

Have you tried Paperless Post before?  What did you think?





Alissa Carpenter

Alissa Carpenter

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Alissa Carpenter

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