What People Are Saying


“Alissa is one of those rare individuals who can bring out the best is anyone she meets. She does so with such ease and enthusiasm, and you leave a conversation with her feeling empowered and excited.  Alissa was an amazing resource for me in the StrengthsFinder process. Not only did I uncover my strengths, but Alissa guided me through the process of owning them! Alissa has taught me my value, and has been a hugely positive influence in my recent success.”

“I had an amazing experience working with Alissa in both an individual and group session through my organization.  She helped me understand my strengths and provided insights that made a powerful impact on my personal and professional life.  Her relational style and positive attitude provided a trusting environment and made me comfortable and at ease.  I appreciated her supportive guidance and direction in applying my Strengths to everyday situations and long-term goals.  She also facilitated an engaging half-day group session in our office and we are now finding ways to capitalize on our strengths across our division.  As a result of working with Alissa, I feel empowered to pursue my best self and look forward to working with her in the future.”

“Alissa’s presentation called “The Future of Work … How Tech & The Next Generation Impact Experienced Workers” was extremely insightful! I’ve been to a lot of employment-related presentations and find myself knowing most of the information already, but Alissa’s content was fresh and interesting. She conveyed powerful ways employees should look at adapting their skills to meet the needs of the future job market. Her pleasant demeanor and approachability are an extra bonus! Well done!”

“Alissa was a wonderful guide in the development in many of my strengths. She was an asset in brainstorming how to use both the strengths and my yet-to-be-developed characteristics in my daily life. She took the time to get to know me and understand what my true values and purpose in life was through this survey and program which allowed her to help guide me in the right direction in my personal and professional lives.”

“Alissa offered a great mix of visual, auditory, and group learning set-ups.  I’ve already used her advice and offered her tips to another employee who has struggled with communicating in the past.  Alissa offered a great presentation and is a great presenter! I’m hoping to participate in other workshops that Alissa offers.”

“I recommend that every manager attend Alissa’s trainings because it really promotes open conversations with employees, identifying various communication preferences between generations, and provides a deeper understanding of what motivates each generation in the workplace.”