Coaching Certifications & Credentials

In addition to my work in advising young adults at elite schools such as The Wharton School, I have industry-recognized certifications to help guide our counseling sessions towards productive discovery and growth.

Below are brief descriptions of my most popular certifications.


Gallup Strengths Coach

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches epitomize strengths-based coaching excellence. Gallup’s strengths coaching leaders have developed a certification program that ensures coaches will be fully qualified to provide strengths-based coaching to anyone, including individuals, teams, and managers.


Strong Certified

For the past 80 years, the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment has provided time-tested, research-validated insights to help individuals find rich, fulfilling careers. Those certified in this program can successfully administer and interpret reports for career exploration and development.



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument is administered by trained professionals all over the world and is the most widely used personality assessment of its kind. It is based on well-researched and validated work related to personality theory and has proven applications in a variety of fields.

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